Tellusgatan – from infamous to famous


NBO Memberorganisation: SABO

Project titel: Förnyelseprojekt Tellusgatan

Location: Göteborg, Sweden

Familjebostäder´s largest property is on Tellusgatan with 169 apartments and about 800 tenants. Built in 1969, it will soon turn 50. “The Banana Building” used to be an address of dubious reputation, situated in Bergsjön, one of Göteborg’s most socially vulnerable areas. The building was very worn down, damaged from dampness and many years of heavy wear and tear. The tenants felt the communal areas to be dark, narrow and unsafe. People did not happily admit they lived on Tellusgatan.

Familjebostäder regarded a renewal of Tellusgatan as an investment of great real, as well as symbolic value; demonstrating belief in Bergsjön would make an impact on the social sustainability of Göteborg. After an extensive renewal of the building and its surroundings in close dialogue with the residents, Tellusgatan is now an envied address where people queue to get a home. The residents stand tall and are proud of their new home.

Financial sustainability

The renewal was made with a perspective of another 50 years.

After taking part in an introduction course, the residents now take better care of their homes. The number of faults reported by the residents has fallen dramatically and maintenance costs are only a fraction of what they used to be.

The residents are offered a step-by-step rent increase stretching over a period of nine years, and different options for how to equip their apartment. No one has been forced to move out due to increased rent.

Ecological sustainability

Measures for reducing energy consumption, such as new windows and a new building envelope, have cut energy costs. The overall energy consumption is reduced by 68 kWh per m2 and the use of electricity by 3 kWh per m2.

Charging for hot water on an individual basis encourages the residents to save hot water, thus reducing the consumption significantly.

Every choice of material has been made with sustainability in focus. Solar panels have increased the amount of energy from renewable sources.

Social sustainability

Through a comprehensive dialogue in focus groups, public meetings and individual meetings in each home, attention has been paid to everyone’s concerns and suggestions. Additional activities involving residents, such as the bicycle repair shop “Earn a Bike” and an art project, are encouraging people to influence their home environment.

The goal of making the renewal of Tellusgatan affordable and acceptable for everyone is achieved. Every single household agreed. No one had to move.