High Level Roundtable – an integrated Nordic market for construction


High Level Roundtable Discussion, October 10, 2019, Reykjavik, Iceland

Today NBO had a roundtable discussion with the Nordic Ministers for Construction and Housing in Reykjavik as well as representatives from the Nordic construction sector. The roundtable was initiated by NBO and the Islandic Presidency for the Nordic Council of Ministers.

 The goal was to discuss the possibilities to create a single Nordic market for construction to improve efficiency, reduce construction costs and create more affordable housing.

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 The discussions was moderated by NBO’s chairman, Mr. Bent Madsen:

”I want to express a special thanks to the Islandic Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers as well as the secretariat of the Nordic Council for making it possible to meet like this today. It was quite unique and I hope future Presidencies will follow the Islandic example”.

Many very interesting points were made by the participants and indeed a large potential for increasing the efficiency in the Nordic construction sector was revealed. One of the main focus points was the potential in digitizating the whole supply chain across the Nordic countries.

Other points that where put forward by NBO was the need for a more circular and CO2-friendly construction sector together with hamonized regulation.

”I am sure the discussions have inspired the Nordic ministers”, says Bent Madsen.

 The roundtable fed into the discussions that the Nordic building and construction ministers had right after the roundtable discussions. The output is a declaration signed by the Nordic ministers focusing on stronger competition and more affordable housing, reduced CO2-emissions and a more circular contruction sector.

 “The Nordic countries have a great potential and possibility to be at the forefront – but only if there is close collaboration, clear goals and political will. NBO looks forward to continue the fruitfull discussions and support the ministers in reaching that potential”.

In the declaration, The Nordic ministers have asked the General Secretary of the Nordic Council of Ministers to look into the possibilites of funding the further work on harmonisation and reducing emissions.

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