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BL - Danmarks Almene Boliger
BL - Danish Social Housing was founded in 1919 and is a cooperative social housing association which is both interest, industry and employer association for the appr. 530 member organisations. The member organisations manage more than 560 000 homes and house approximately 1 million people.

BL publishes two magazines: "Fagbladet Boligen" (issued 6 times per year, 34 000 copies) and "Beboerbladet" which is published 4 times per year and distributed to all tennats in the social housing sector (570 000).

Chairman: Palle Adamsen,  CEO of Lejerbo.
CEO: Bent Madsen.

Address: BL, Studiestræde 50, 1554  Copenhagen, Denmark
Phone: +45-33762000 Fax: +45-33762001
E-mail: bl@bl.dk
Website: www.bl.dk


KOVA, Kohtuuhintaisen vuokra-asumisen edistäjät
Association for Advocating Affordable Rental Housing – KOVA is a national umbrella association for non-profit rental housing companies and foundations in Finland.

KOVA was established in 2013 to strengthen the lobbying of non-profit rental housing companies and foundations. Our mission is to gather all the Finnish non-profit rental housing companies and foundations together. Our goal is to create permanent conditions for production of reasonably priced rental housing in Finland.

KOVA has 36 members that own, maintain and build reasonably priced and state subsidized rental houses all over Finland. As members we have municipally owned rental housing companies and foundations, and other non-profit rental housing companies and foundations. Some of our members offers also affordable housing for special groups such as elderly persons and handicapped persons. Our members’ ownership covers more than 182 000 rental apartments – about 45 percent of all state subsidized rental houses in Finland.

The President of KOVA is Mrs. Jaana Närö, CEO of Helsinki City Housing Company. KOVA’s Executive Director is Mr. Jouni Parkkonen.

Address: KOVA, Yliopistonkatu 5, 7th floor, FI-00100 Helsinki, FINLAND

Tel: +358-40-593 3338 (Executive Director)
E-mail: kova@kovary.fi
Website: http://www.kovary.fi



Búseti húsnæðissamvinnufélag
Buseti is a co-operative housing association established in 1983 and is owned by its approximately 5 500 members. The organization’s objective is to make quality Co-operative housing available for its members. Buseti emphasizes long-term planning and housing security. It develops housing projects with eminent homes in a sustainable living environment.  Búseti runs around 1 000 apartments in the Reykjavik area. Currently it has around 200 apartments under development in Reykjavik and neighboring municipalities. Buseti places great emphasis on ethical values and social responsibility and is an active member of Festa, the Icelandic Center for Corporate Social Responsibility.

CEO Bjarni Thorolfsson.

Address: Búseti húsnæðissamvinnufélag, Sidumuli 10, IS-108 Reykjavík, Iceland
Phone: +354-520-5755
Fax: +354-533-5749
E-mail: buseti@buseti.is
Web site: www.buseti.is

Felagsbustadir Hf.
Felagsbustadir är ett aktiebolag som ägs av Reykjavik kommun. Det bildades år 1997 och huvudsyftet är att äga och förvalta sociala hyresbostäder i Reykjavik. Felagsbustadir är det största bostadsföretaget på Island och äger nu omkring 2 200 lägenheter och har 25 anställda. Felagsbustadir är ett allmännyttigt och non-profit företag. Nyhetsbrev går ut till alla hyresgäster 3-4 gånger om året.

Address: Felagsbustadir Hf., Hallveigarstig 1, 101 Reykjavik, Iceland
Phone: +354-520 1500
Fax: +354-520 1501
E-mail: felagsbustadir@felagsbustadir.is
Web site: www.felagsbustadir.is


NBBL, Norske Boligbyggelags Landsforbund

The Co-operative Housing Federation of Norway (NBBL) is a national membership association representing 41 co-operative housing associations (building co-operatives).
12 700 housing co-operatives and condominiums, counting 510 000 housing units, are managed by these member associations. 5 600 are affiliated housing co-operatives, with 260 000 housing units, where the members have the right of pre-emption when the units are sold in the market.  
These 41 associations, their 1 020 000 members, the housing cooperatives and NBBL make up the Norwegian Co-operative Housing Movement. This makes NBBL the third largest membership organisation in the country.
Vision and values
The vision of the Norwegian Co-operative Housing Movement is to offer its members the opportunity to acquire a decent home in a sustainable living environment. NBBL believes in the ethical values of honesty, openness, social responsibility and caring for others, thus adhering to the co-operative principles stated in the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA).

Address: NBBL, Øvre Vollgt. 11, Postboks 452 Sentrum 0104 Oslo, Norway
Phone: +47-22 40 38 50
Fax: +47-22 40 39 20
E-mail: nbbl@nbbl.no
Web site: www.nbbl.no



HSB is Sweden’s biggest cooperative housing organization and develops, builds and manages housing for over one million people. All our experience and expertise is about creating as good accommodation as possible for our members.

We are a cooperative - owned by our members. The gain in HSB goes back to the business to make it even better. We develop and manage accommodation with high quality and an attractive environment. For us it is important to provide for a good and functional living.

HSB in figures:

624 000 members
129 000 HSB home savers
4 000 housing associations
28 HSB associations

Chair of the board: Anders Lago
CEO: Pernilla Bonde

Address: HSB Riksförbund, Box 8310, 10420 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: +46 10 44 20300
E-mail: info@hsb.se
Web site: www.hsb.se

Riksbyggen är en ekonomisk förening med huvuduppgiften att bilda, bygga och förvalta bostadsrättsföreningar. Riksbyggen ägs av sina medlemmar som är bostadsrättsföreningar, fackliga organisationer och andra folkrörelseorganisationer. Verksamheten bedrivs kooperativt och affärsmässigt i medlemmarnas intresse. Det demokratiska inflytande sker bland annat genom ett 60-tal regionala intresse- och lokalföreningar. Riksbyggen producerar ungefär 2 000 nya bostadsrätter och 500 hyresrätter per år och förvaltar 2 400 bostadsrättsföreningar med sammanlagt 176 000 lägenheter. Därutöver förvaltar Riksbyggen 100 000 hyresbostäder och olika slag av kommersiella lokaler åt andra ägare. Sammantaget, antalet förvaltade bostadsrätter samt hyresrätter i eget bestånd, har Riksbyggen 188 400 lägenheter.

Riksbyggen organiserar ett bosparande – Riksbyggen BoSpar – där 27 000 medlemmar sparar med sikte på att en dag flytta in i en ny Riksbyggenbostad.

Styrelseordförande är Johan Lindholm och VD är Leif Linde.

Address: Riksbyggen, Kungsbron 21, 106 18 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: 0771-860 860.
E-mail: info@riksbyggen.se
Web site: www.riksbyggen.se

SABO, Sveriges Allmännyttiga Bostadsföretag
SABO - the Swedish Association of Public Housing Companies - is an industry and interest organization for public housing companies in Sweden. CEO is Anders Nordstrand. SABO has 313 member companies which manage 812 000 dwellings. The public housing sector represents almost 20 per cent of the total housing stock in Sweden and half of the rental sector. Every 7th Swede lives in public housing. Together SABO member companies have a staff of 12 000 people.
SABO offers support and service to its members through information, competence and the exchange of experience. SABO also works to provide good operational conditions for its member companies and a positive development of rental property. SABO’s work concerns housing policy and is not affiliated to any political party. The board is politically appointed and reflects the overall political majority of our member companies.

Address: SABO, Drottninggatan 29, Box 474, 101 29 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: 46-8 406 55 00
Fax: 46-8 20 99 04
E-mail: info@sabo.se
Web site: www.sabo.se