Bostadsprisen – Bostadsrättsföreningen Viva

How does the project contribute to NBO - Housing Nordic's vision of economically sustainable housing for all people?


NBO Memberorganisation: Riksbyggen

Project titel: Bostadsrättsföreningen Viva

Location: Göteborg, Sweden

The tenant owned association Viva is a building project within the Positive Footprint Housing research platform. Viva is a densification project in Gothenburg. The combination of a wide range of actors and working methods makes Viva Sweden's most innovative housing and urban development project. A focus on high quality is implemented throughout the construction and property management, which enables the board to maintain an economically sustainable tenant owned association.

How does the project contribute to NBO - Housing Nordic's vision of ecologically sustainable housing for all people?

The project is to be rated according to the Environmental System Certification and to reach the Gold level, applying a life cycle perspective throughout the construction process and enable a long-term maintenance. There is a focus on reducing the ecological footprint by adding solutions like a solar powerplant system, a self-produced electricity system of reused bus batteries, provide an energy efficient ventilation system and create a smart waste system. Viva is planned and designed for a daily living with no need of a private car. Instead there are other solutions for mobility which includes car pool and electric bicycle pool, and there is good access to public transportation.

How does the project contribute to NBO - Housing Nordic's vision of socially sustainable housing for all people?

Through research Riksbyggen has developed a model of social sustainability. In a tenant owned association, the social aspect of sustainability can be summarized in four points: the ability to influence, create shared benefits, interact with the environment and develop society. The apartments has 132 apartments with a large variety of sizes, to fit different household types. 6 smaller apartments in Viva, with a lower tenure insert, are assigned to young adults aged 18-30 year who are not established on the housing market.