NBO and our hosts HSB thank everyone for an interesting Conference in Stockholm

30th-31st of August 2018 at Scandic Hasselbacken, Stockholm

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NBO Board 2018-2020   (fotograf Emma Casserlöv, HSB)

NBO Board 2018-2020
(fotograf Emma Casserlöv, HSB)

(fotograf Louise Lilieestråle, HSB)

(fotograf Louise Lilieestråle, HSB)

NBO - Nordic Housing and HSB, which is hosting this year’s conference, are happy to invite you to two exciting days full of inspiration and discussions of the big challenges connected with the development of a more sustainable housing market as well as city development in the Nordic countries. This year, we’re taking a closer look at the current trends dominating the Nordic housing market – what challenges are the Nordic countries going to face, what solutions are available, and how can we cooperate? Furthermore, we will discuss the Nordic cooperatives’ and the social housing organizations’ contribution to UN’s Global Goals. How do we increase accessibility, how do we create more youth accommodation, and how can the elderly live in a way that fit their needs? How can we reduce our energy consumption so that we can live and act more resource-efficiently? And what significance does the Nordic cooperative and social housing sector have for a sustainable future in the Nordic Countries? Together we’ll pick the winner of NBO’s Housing Award, which this year will be chosen by the participants in the conference.

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Thursday 30th of August

Welcome by Mr Bent Madsen, Chair of NBO, and Mr Anders Lago, Chair of HSB

Harmonization of Nordic construction regulations by Mr Kristian Henriksen,
Senior Adviser/Business, Energy & Regional Development, Nordic Council of Ministers

Conclusion and possible cooperation between NBO and the Nordic Council by Mr Bent Madsen

Presentation of draft version of the State of Housing in the Nordic Countries by Mr Bent Madsen

Discussion at the tables and concluding remarks by Mr Bent Madsen

Friday 31st of August

NBO General Assembly (for delegates only)

Introduction by Mr Anders Lago, Chair of HSB

Behavioural design for sustainable development by Ms Kajsa Lindström, Beteendelabbet.

NBO’s “Bostadspris 2018” Presentation of candidates for NBO’s “Bostadspris” by Mr Bent Madsen

Discussion and votes at the tables

Award ceremony by Mr Bent Madsen

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